The ultimate guide: how to survive rainy days in Carpathians

Rainy days have a bad reputation. For most of us, they’re the main reason of a grumpy mood, canceled plans, and ruined vacations, especially when it comes to holidays you’ve planned to spend in the mountains.

Going to the Ukrainian Carpathians in the offseason might seem as not a smart idea. Usually humid, this region often welcome its guests with the pouring rain and heavy cloudy sky. However, smart locals have already invented 100 and 1 ways to have a fun time here, even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

So tickets booked, accommodation paid, a rainy weather for all your stay confirmed thereby the primary plans ruined. Rainy days in Carpathians are waiting for you. How about to make a new plan together and take the most from this vacation? Pack your raincoat and hiking shoes. Challenge accepted.

Go to the sauna

You might get really cold during rainy days in Carpathians. So the number one task is to warm up a bit. Why not get some sweat? Don’t worry, nobody won’t make you workout or run circles around the cottage. The hot steam at the sauna will do this job for you. Moreover, in most of the cases, you won’t even need to go out of your house or hotel – they often have an equipped sauna that you can book. So just do it.

Get boiled in the “chan”

Find sauna too boring? The Carpathians have with what to surprise you. So imagine a giant bowl of a human size that can easily fit 5 adults filled with a hot water and flavored with dozens of herbs. And yes, it’s also on fire, literally. However, nothing dangerous about “being cooked” in this weird bowl. On the contrary, this Ukrainian version of a jacuzzi is good for health. Otherwise, how you think locals are able to stay without a constant flue having weather like this all the year?

Organize a fireplace home party

When you warm up, it’s time to relax next to the fireplace. Didn’t have a chance to spend a romantic evening with your lover for a quite long time? It’s hard to find something this romantic as watching the flashing fire while hugging somebody you love. In case you travel without your soulmate but with a group of besties, fireplace party it’s a great chance to get to know each other even better. Google some funny group games to play or just take your time to flashback about moments you’ve shared together.

Drink a herbal tea on the terrace with a mountain view

A bath considered to be good when it ends up with a cup of a tasty herbal tea. Did you know that this drink plays a significant role in the Carpathians culture? Taking a cup of tea made of dried herbs gathered right here on the pure fields have already turned to the spiritual ritual. So grab a warm blanket, prepare a big cup of this magical drink and go out to the balcony or terrace. It’s time to spend some time with yourself and have a meditation accompanied by the stunning view on rainy days in Carpathians.

Catching first after-rain trophies

As soon as it stops raining, take your raincoat, waterproof boots, bag, knife, and go out to the forests. It’s a mushroom time! Don’t miss this perfect chance to not only have a walk outside and enjoy the nature but also gather some delicious treasures of the Carpathians. However, we highly recommend taking a local with you for a help or at least research about edible varieties of mushrooms before you go.

Learn how to cook hutsul’s traditional food

Hope you get back to the house with a big bag filled with mushrooms. Now it’s time to cook something tasty. Fresh mushroom is one of the main components of a local cuisine so you can cook a big variety of dishes with it. Ask your hosts to give you a class or visit one of the specialized master-classes – both options would give you chance to get some precious knowledge and enjoy gastronomical results of your work.

In addition, don’t forget to get some other new skills, apart from cooking. There are several traditional crafts like egg-painting, pottery, wool blankets (“lizshnyky”) making and many more that you can learn.

Visit museums or take a city tour

That may happen that after some time you’d get tired of staying at the same place, especially what you have a week vacation or more. You might already know that the Carpathians are not just about nature and hiking. There are a lot of interesting places of a historical heritage and beautiful cities around that worth a visit. Ask a local guide about it and you’ll get a necessary assistance in organizing it.

Go to a Voda Club complex

The Carpathians are also a place to catch a summer mood. Right in the most famous mountain resort Bukovel, there is a cool aqua park with a swimming pool and spa. Take your time to swim and relax. Order some treatment procedures and just enjoy. In addition, prices in offseason are much lower 😉 In case the Bukovel is far from your major location, here are some other SPAs you can visit:

Don’t let the weather define your mood and enjoy your mountains vacation!


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