10 best hotels in Kyiv which Active Ukraine recommends

Active Ukraine has welcomed a lot of guests to Ukraine and its capital. Thanks to this experience we’ve learned a lot about hotels, restaurants, and different places all over Ukraine. It comes the time to share them with you. We’re going to start with a list of hotels in Kyiv that we can recommend for a stay. We tried to consider different preferences and budgets, so every traveler can find something suitable for his/her case. There are no international chain hotels, just original Ukrainian places that, however, sometimes can compete with world’s biggest hotel brands.

Check out the list and share your favorite places to stay in Kyiv in comments!

Hermitage Boutique Hotel

This hotel is perfect for those who love antique and classy things. Located in the ancient building in the Kyiv center, it brings you to the atmosphere of the old city. Same do rooms’ interior with elegant furniture, pictures on the wall and wooden decorations. High-class service is also included. One of best price-quality combination among hotels in Kyiv.

Room for 2 per night: around 75 USD.

11 mirrors design hotel

It’s called a “design” hotel not just by chance. Rooms in this hotel are so stylish and nice looking, even though they’re minimalistic. However, it doesn’t impact their comfort and level of service. Everything needed to ensure the pleasant stay of hotel’s guests is here. In addition, “11 Mirrors” has a perfect location. All main attractions of the city center are within walking distance.

Room for 2 per night: from 200 USD (breakfast included).

7th sky

Probably, this place has the best city view from all hotels in Kyiv. Of course, thanks to its incredible location. A hotel occupies the last floor of the building and enables to enjoy the city from the rooftops. This is a mini-hotel, so be sure your stay will be quiet and peaceful. A perfect solution if you want to escape crowded places of the city center, at the same time being close to main attractions.

Room for 2 per night: from 50 USD (breakfast included).

Incognito boutique hotel

One more boutique hotel in our list. However, comparing to previous ones, this place is way less fancy. It’s located in a quiet area. A walk to the city center will take around 20 minutes and can lay through a beautiful botanic garden. A good service for an affordable price is guaranteed.

Room for 2 per night: from 50 USD.

Honchar HOTEL

A favorite one among hotels in Kyiv for Active Ukraine guests. It has, probably, the most excellent location. A hotel is situated in a beautiful building right in the middle of a well-known Andriivskyi ascent – a popular touristic attraction and beloved place of locals. It also has a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine downstairs, so you can try some famous dishes right here.

Room for 2 per night: around 60 USD (breakfast included).

opera HOTEL

A luxurious hotel in a Kyiv city center. It’s located right next to the famous national opera theater, main squares, and other attractions, and offers a high-class service for its guests. In addition, Opera has a beauty center and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant working for hotel visitors. One of the best 5 stars hotels in Kyiv.

Room for 2 per night: from 220 USD.

Oselya HOTEL

One more hotel where our guests love to stay. “Oselya” means “home” in Ukrainian and, indeed, you’ll feel just like at home here. It’s a family hotel located in a green quiet area which is easily accessible by public means of transport from any spot in a city center. It’s also popular among locals for weddings, photo shoots, and other occasions.

Room for 2 per night: from 70 USD (breakfast included).

Orly park

One more family place in a park zone, which is perfect for a stay with kids. Orly Park, it’s not simply a hotel, it’s a family complex with a hotel, good restaurant, and big recreation area for outdoor activities. It’s famous among locals for family weekends. However, note it’s located a bit far from city center so you might need a taxi.

Room for 2 per night: from 50 USD (breakfast included).

hotel spa

In case you’ll get tired of a big city life, there are some hotels in Kyiv you might like to go. They’re usually located just next to city border close to the pure nature. “SPA’ is one of such places. Obviously, there is a good spa, as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools. It’s perfect for a relaxing weekend.

Room for 2 per night: from 40 USD.

premier palace

And the last but not the least in our list, one of the oldest hotels in Kyiv and, for sure, the most famous one. Premier Palace is a place with a long and exciting story that is worth Grand Budapest Hotel movie. Indeed, a lot of remarkable historical events happened here, as well as a lot of world’s celebrities back in history and nowadays enjoyed their stay in Kyiv at this hotel. Even though it’s old, it’s one of the most luxurious places in the city center with a high-class service and modern infrastructure.

Room for 2 per night: from 250 USD.


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