10 places in Ukraine to go for extreme adventure

Love to try unusual things or just seek for some adrenalin? Have a look at this list of places for extreme adventure in Ukraine and choose your next destination.

Paragliding in Odaiv

Would you like to know how to fly? Paragliding gives you such chance. You can see the world from the bird’s eye, soar through the clouds in the sky and feel the real freedom. Ivano-Frankivsk region has various good places that will satisfy the needs of experienced paragliders, as well as newbies. In addition, paragliding is safer than skydiving, so in case you’re afraid to skydive, but want to experience the feeling of free flight, this extreme adventure would be a good choice.

Rafting on Black Cheremosh river

Rafting is an exceptional example of the extreme adventure that, however, is safe and doesn’t require some specific skills. The Black Cheremosh has tracks of three levels of complexity, nevertheless, it doesn’t exceed level III out of VI of the international rafting scale. The river goes through the beautiful part of Carpathians, so you can easily combine your extreme adventure with a nice vacation.

Caving in Optimistic cave

Did you know that second biggest cave in the world is located in Ukraine? The Optimistic cave now consists of 10 sectors that differ from each other by nature, size and colors. However, this place continues to be explored by professionals. Its total length is more than 200 km and getting bigger every year with discovering of new locations and roads. Here you have a chance to go for a few days underground extreme adventure, explore the cave and even spend here a night with a guidance of professional cave explorers.

Zip line in Voevodyno

Another cool extreme adventure to try in the Carpathians which is available even for children. This is the biggest zip line in Ukraine that consists of five stations and 800 meters of the breath-taking flight at the height of 15 to 30 meters. Now you have a chance to enjoy the view around being like a bird. There are few places to try it withing the Carpathians, but the one located at Voevodyno resort is considered as the best.

Bungee jumping on Khortytsia island

Probably, the most extreme adventure in our list. You can try both bungee and rope jumping in Zaporizhzhya region next to the famous Khortytsia island. Extreme jumps from the arch bridge were the first place to try this activity in Ukraine. Even though now you can find them available almost at every big city, this location still remains the best and the most popular one. So, challenge yourself and jump!

Rock climbing at Dowbush Rocks

For ones who love to climb, there is another extreme activity in the Carpathians. On the border between Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, a beautiful rocky park is located. Here you can find numerous climbing tracks of different levels of complexity. Rocks look like separated pillars from 10 to 50 meters high. Even if you are not a climber, don’t hesitate to visit this park. You’ll definitely enjoy in any case.

Wakeboarding in Odessa

Wakeboarding is an actively developing type of popular extreme activity that combines the elements of water skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. And there is a special park in Odessa where you can try it. In addition, the park offers other options of activities and has everything needed for a comfortable stay. So if you like sports, spending time on open-air, or just want to try something new, pass by Odessa and visit this place.

Skydiving in Kyiv

The scariest, the crazies and the most popular dream among extreme adventure lovers is, for sure, skydiving. Because nothing can be compared with this amazing feeling of a jump, free fall and the smooth flying in the sky after. Kyiv has a lot of places and aerodromes that offer skydiving services. Note that they differ in prices, a height of the jumps and seasonable availability. In case you’ve always dreamed about it, in Ukraine you have a chance to do it for a comparably cheap price. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

Balloon rides in Kamianets-Podilskiy

In the third weekend of May Kamianets-Podilskyi celebrates the City Day. Traditionally, the annual international balloon festival “Podolia Cup” is held as part of the celebration. During the festival, anyone can fly in a balloon and see Kamianets-Podilskyi from above and experience a new adventure at the same time.

Diving in Bakota

Bakota is the Ukrainian Atlantida, a village that was flooded in XXth century because of a hydro-electrical station construction. People who lived here had to leave their houses and move to live elsewhere, however, now this place amaze its visitors with an incredible beauty. Due to what mentioned above, now it’s popular for diving and other water activities. For those, who’s not ready to dive, locals also organize fair and yacht trips, so you can enjoy the beauty of this place. In addition, a famous cathedral and some caves are also located in the area.


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