Getting a ride: best taxi services in Kyiv

Getting from point A to point B in the city you’ve never been before can be tough. In case you didn’t have a chance and enough time to get familiar with public transport taxi is always an option. However, the next problem arises. Where to call? How to explain where am I and where I need to go? How much and how should I pay? Your head gets overwhelmed with questions.

Kyiv has always been a city with pretty developed infrastructure and transport. So a huge variety of taxi services is not a surprise. Thus, just some of them can be rated as ones providing an acceptable level of service and higher.

So, you’re in Kyiv, need to get from one place to another, all these questions getting over your head. Here are few solutions what you can do.

Open your Uber app

You might have Uber at your hometown and use it times to times. Or you don’t but prefer to take it when you travel. In both cases, you have the app installed on your smartphone. So just set your location as Kyiv and let the familiar interface navigate you. It’s been a year Uber is available in Kyiv and their service has already reached a great level of trust and high loyalty. All international standards are kept so the Uber ride will be as comfortable as in any other place in the world.

Concerning the price, the average ride in the city center area and around will cost around 85 UAH ($3-4), you can pay with a credit card or cash.

Instal the Uklon app

Years before Uber entered the Ukrainian taxi market, there was another online taxi service with all similar principles and functions. Uklon still exists in Kyiv and remains Uber’s main competitor. This app is the same simple to use and offers you an opportunity to order a car that is going to bring you to your destination. The main difference between two popular services lies in cars’ differentiation, Uber gives you more options to choose a class of your taxi.

Prices for Uklon rides are relatively the same as Uber ones and will cost you around $3-4 per ride.

Call one of trustworthy taxi services in Kyiv

In case you’re not a fan of smartphones and apps you can always call a simple taxi service. But pay attention on which one you pick. Not all of them can be trusted due to the often cancellations, not responsible drivers and other unfavorable situations. Even though the prices they offer are much lower, in this case, higher price will give you not only comfort and service advantages but ensure more safety. We’ve picked few top-rated taxi services in Kyiv for you to choose:

Afon taxi

Rating: 4,7/5

The driver offered me a candy, asked what music I’d like to listen and whether I need to charge my phone. Highly recommend!

Number to call: 33-751-43

Avangard taxi

Rating: 4,4/5

I’m very satisfied with the service, the prices are great as well.
I like the car park, cars are always good and clean.
High-level taxi.

Number to call: 348

Elite taxi

Rating: 3,7/5

Good service. They don’t have a lot of cars, however, all of them are classy. Always try to order here first and after, if they don’t have cars available, switch to another operator.

Number to call: 248-8-248

Oxi taxi

Rating: 4,1/5

We order it on a regular basis. All cars are electromobiles so it’s 100% eco friendly. Always satisfied with expreriense and service!

Number to call: 4848

Pro tip: Approach locals to help you to call taxi companies. You might get confused with streets’ names. In addition, that would help you if the operator, for some reasons, doesn’t speak English.

Have a safe and comfortable ride. What’s your favorite taxi services in Kyiv?


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