A guide to autumn festivals in Ukraine

When the summer is coming to the end, there is still a chance to catch its last moments by visiting the autumn festivals. These events give you an opportunity to prolong your vacation and have some unforgettable cultural experience.

Music fest, holiday celebrations, traditional markets and art events – check our list of best autumn festivals in Ukraine and make your festival road map.

Republic 2017

When? 1-3rd of September
Where? Kamiyanets-Podilskyi
How much? 350 UAH

Republic it’s a festival of the contemporary art in all its forms, which include music, dance, and photography. Three festival days, many locations, best rock bands, modern poets, and artists from all over the world. The day scene and the fair are located in the Town Hall Square, while artists paint in other areas all around the city. Their main task is to turn ordinary houses into the artistic property of the city. At night festival guests can enjoy acoustic concerts and literary readings where both new and well-known musicians and writers participate. This is a non-commercial art festival, the purpose of which is to attract attention to the cultural and social problems of small towns.

Hutsul brynza

When? 3rd of September
Where? Rahiv
How much? free

One of the most authentic autumn festivals is taking place at the very beginning of autumn in the beautiful Carpathians. For the seventeenth time already people come together to welcome home shepherds coming back from pastures and try many types of traditional cheese that are produced in the region – brynza. Its preparation, according to festival participants, is a real art that has own secrets that pass on from generation to generation. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the variety of traditions, everyday life, and culture of the Hutsuls of Rakhivshchina.


When? 7-17th of September
Where? Platforma art factory, Kyiv
How much? 120 UAH

Multidisciplinary international festival GogolFest is a presentation of the best examples of modern Ukrainian and world art in Ukraine. It accumulates the powerful creative and intellectual resources and forms the creative environment in which a new generation of artists arise. GogolFest is a big event that gathers thousands of proactive and open minded people every year. In case you are in Kyiv, it’s a must visit for all art and music lovers.

Polyana music festival

When? 8-10th of September
Where? Polyana, Ivano-Frankivsk region
How much? 300-400 UAH

One more music even among autumn festivals is taking place in the picturesque open air venue – the Carpathians. During the day you can enjoy the performances of several Ukrainian and foreign bands while at night the main stage turns into the party venue and welcomes the best DJs. This year organizers promise a lot of beautiful high-quality music. A good opportunity to combine your mountain vacation with the festival visit.

Chernihiv Jazz Open

When? 9-10th of September
Where? Chernihiv
How much? 170-650 UAH

For the classy music lovers, there is a jazz festival held in Chernihiv in the beginning of autumn. This event unites local and foreign musicians that are ready to play the best music for their listeners. In addition, there is a jazz parade taking place on the second day of the festival, when all the participants come together to the city center. This year organizers promise a lot of improvisation, excellent mood and amazing energy.

etno fest

When? 17th of September
Where? Dnipro
How much? free

This is a unique ethnological open air festival taking place in the historical museum in Dnipro. This festival combines the elements of educational historical discovery with local crafts exposition, traditional music, and dances performances. Moreover, you will have a chance to participate in several master classes and learn more about Ukrainian culture. And the variety of folk games and fun contests will help to support a relaxed festive atmosphere.

Lviv coffee festival

When? 21-24th of September
Where? Lviv
How much? free

Lviv has always been a sacral place for coffee addicts. So it’s not a surprise that one of the autumn festivals is dedicated to this hot drink and takes place in this beautiful city. In these September days, cozy Lviv coffee houses offer an especially big choice of the most original coffee delicacies, competing for the title of the best coffee place. Every autumn, the winner is determined with the help of all the coffee-lovers attending a fragrant holiday. In addition, you can also buy the best coffee beans on the fair held in the city center.

Traditional cuisine festival

When? 24th of September
Where? Lutsk
How much? free

Every year this gastronomical holiday gathers food lovers from all over Ukraine and attracts foreign tourists. During the festival, they have a chance to taste the authentic dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine, such as kulish, deruny, varenyky, meat and fish dishes. This event not only has an aim to spread a word about traditional cuisine but also advocates the healthy lifestyle. So be ready to participate in several sports activities and contests as well.

Old Car Land Exposition

When? from 29th of September to 1st of October
Where? Aviation museum, Kyiv
How much? need to confirm

Old Car Land is the biggest tech event among all autumn festivals. Organizers plan to exhibit more than 900 unique samples of exclusive retro equipment: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, trucks, buses. In particular, a unique collection of Harley Davidson motorcycles will be presented. The event will be interesting both for children and adults. Indeed, festival program is full of different additional activities.

Chocolate holiday

When? 13-15th of October
Where? Lviv
How much? 30 UAH

The sweetest one in our list of autumn festivals will take place in Lviv in the middle of Autumn. All visitors of the chocolate event will be able to shop on the big fair of the best industry representative, take part in master classes, eat handmade chocolate products, witness the creation of unique sculptures from huge chocolate blocks, watch the construction of the Chocolate Town and join chocolate games. And the youngest visitors will have a chance to make a trip to Children Chocolate Country.


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