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Carpathians, Crimea, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa

Making crafts, Meeting locals, Sightseeing

902 Euro

Top Experiences

  • Sightsee Kyiv, the mother of Ukrainian cities, the modern yet ancient capital: golden-domes of St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Descent and its crafts market, city’s main Independence Square and Khreshchatyk street, beautiful Kyiv parks and majestic Dnieper River

  • Meet Tatar community in Crimea

  • Visit the palaces around Yalta resort and hang out at the beaches of the Black Sea

  • Visit Odesa, Ukraine's largest sea port – vibrant and young city, with eclectic mix of architecture and unique cosmopolitan feel

  • Go birdwatching in Dniester Delta National Park, one of the few preserved and intact Black Sea wetlands

  • Discover Lviv – Ukraine’s most charming and romantic city

  • Join the simple life of Hutsuls, Ukrainian highlanders in Carpathian Mountains – cook traditional Hutsul dishes, visit Hutsul shepherds and taste their delicious cheese, and learn about the craft of egg-painting from one of the local artisans

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