Ukraine Arts and Crafts Tour

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Art and Crafts Tours


Carpathians, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa

Cooking, Making crafts, Meeting locals, Sightseeing

447 Euro

Top Experiences


  • Sightseeing Kyiv, the mother of Ukrainian cities, the modern yet ancient capital
  • Visiting Ivan Gonchar Museum and enjoying its traditional crafts exhibition
  • Exploring Kiev street art and visiting El Cheber ceramic art studio
  • Visiting Easter Egg Museum in Kolomyia
  • Meeting locals in Kosiv, the heart of Carpathian Mountains and joining local artisan for crafts work shop
  • Visiting artisan who makes beautiful woolen blankets in Yavoriv
  • Sightseeing Lviv, cozy and romantic city, whose historical center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Visiting Pinsel Museum in Lviv
  • Sightseeing in Odesa, Pearl of the Black Sea
  • Enjoying performance at Odesa Opera House and visiting Western & Eastern Art Museum


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