Biking along a mixture of sightseeing, interesting local stories and spots turned out to be an extraordinary way of learning about Kiev.

Bustling. Contemporary. Ancient. Meet Kyiv.

The ‘Mother of Rus’, Kyiv, can not be defined by one word. It is still a capital in becoming. While the city history indeed dates back to ancient times of Kievan Rus, it’s the contemporary side of Kyiv that makes it so captivating to observe. The beating heart of three revolutions in the past 20 years. The sprawling megapolis of babushkas, communist high rises, fancy cars, social activism and street art. Visit the top landmarks, of course. Tick them off your travel list. But as we recommend to everyone – go deeper. Go off the beaten track. Explore Kyiv with the locals. Meet the Kyiv that shapes the daily rhythm of changes in Ukraine. 

Kyiv Guide