TOP 5 places to try authentic Ukrainian food in and around Bukovel

Bukovel, Ukrainian Switzerland, attracts more and more visitors every year because of its unique nature in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. Moreover, it’s a world-famous ski resort, which adds a variety of pistes to the beauty of surrounding mountains, and makes this place suitable for all guests, either beginners or professional skiers.

There is still one thing that unites everyone who visits Bukovel, regardless age and skiing skills. It is the love for food.

With great pleasure, we would like to present you our exclusive list of restaurants and cafes around Bukovel which offer the best meals of Ukrainian and Hutsul cuisine, the most delicious and authentic once in the region. So, choose, taste, and fall in love!



One of the greatest borsch I ever eat. In general, all was quick tasty even considering that they had a lot of people when we get there. And we waited a bit before the table was cleaned out.” TripAdvisor review

Filvarok” is a network of 5 restaurants, mainly located in the most picturesque parts of the resort’s high peaks. Your acquaintance with the place should start with the glass of hot tea, which will bring you to the shape after negative temperature outside and help you to start enjoying every single item of the interior and food here. It is a real museum of local traditions, which combines Ukrainian and Hutsul cuisine.

The symbol of the restaurant- a huge fireplace, the biggest helper for cookers to produce amazing grill meals and best friend for frozen tourists to dry gloves and warm up hands after the long skiing)

Average bill per person per person: 250-450 UAH

Must try: varenyky with wild boar meat, borshch (red- beef soup with garlic buns), banosh( corn porridge boiled with cream)

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A place worthy of visiting the family and a good mood will ensure visiting this point, a good accent on the national food. Original presentation +fast delivery. You need to visit and try”. TripAdvisor reviews

The restaurant is located in Polyanytsia village at the distance of 150 m from the lift №1R. The translation of this restaurant sounds like “Mushroom house”. Actually, from the first look the place makes you to enter imaginary forest and became small mushroom among other objects. Architecture of the building is taken from the famous Gaudi, author of legendary Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, so absence of straight angles reminds of a real mushroom. Can you guess, what are the best dishes to try in the restaurant?

Must try: “Mushrooms from the forest” (frying pan of the mushrooms on the wood), mushroom soup, and mushroom salad.

Average bill per person: 200-300 UAH.

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Very nice self-service cafe. Great choice of food. The meal is delicious. Very good for lunch at the ski day” TripAdvisor reviews

The most famous and best located buffet- style café in Bukovel, as situated in the central square of the resort. Here you can you can take the tray and experience new kind of food, which attracts your attention, even if it differs from your typical meal. “Bugi.l” is also suitable place to enjoy cup of tea in winter time while observing your kids learning how to ski together with ski- instructor, as windows face the main training slope for children.

Must try: strawberry soup, freshly made bakery.

Average bill per person: 120-220 UAH.

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Beautiful traditional Hutsul-style building, live folk music and location in the heart of the souvenirs market are the key elements of making this place a famous tourist attraction”. TripAdvisor reviews

30 km away from Bukovel, in the city of Yaremche, unique restaurant- museum “Gutsulshchyna” is located. Built without a single nail, in few meters from the natural waterfall Probii, it’s a must visit place for every tourist. Honestly, it is not the best place to have a great meal, but find a free half an hour to have a drink here and enjoy authentic atmosphere together with local music and traditional interior. Here, in one of the oldest buildings of the region, you will feel the spirit of the ancestors, as one of the most well-known movies- mysteries were shoot in this house.

Must try: big variety of herbal tea.

Average bill per person: 100 UAH.

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This place is usually crowded as this is maybe the best Ukrainian restaurant in Yaremche. The food is really great. The portions are big enough and the service guys are really friendly. TripAdvisor reviews

Top- rated restaurant, chosen by its previous visitors, will pleasantly surprise you with great river- view location, vast menu and huge portions. Constructed in the shape of typical “kolyba”- house of the Carpathian shepherd in the mountains with the fire place in the middle, it will give you better understanding of Hutsul culture and increase your appetite to the maximum.

Must try: potato pancakes, shashlik, fish.

Average bill per person: 150- 250 UAH.

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