Things you should know about caving in Ukraine

Some of us feel the special excitement of getting to highest points, jumping from tops, and touching the sky, while others find their true passion in going under, exploring caves, and getting down. Surprisingly, caving in Ukraine has a lot to amaze you. You have a chance to discover longest caves in the world, unique natural treasures, and start your speleological career.

However, before you decide to move forward and look for caves to visit you have to consider several important points. Moreover, these points can be applied not only to caving in Ukraine but in any other place as well.

  • You have to be sure you’re not afraid of closed spaces and darkness;
  • Make sure you’re well prepared physically and ready to climb, walk, and exercise;
  • Caving is an extreme adventure so get your holiday goals clear.

In case you’ve pointed all three statements with a “+”, it’s time to check more specific advice about caving in Ukraine.

  • Before getting in, check all possible sources of info about the cave. That would be also great to talk to somebody who’ve already been to it and know more about what can actually wait for you there.
  • Join the group. That’s important to go caving with an experienced guide as a part of the group. If the cave has a lot of roads it’s recommended to give preference to smaller groups to ensure that nobody gets lost.
  • That’s important to be quiet while moving through the cave and pay attention to the cave’s ceiling.
  • Search in advance about possible gases in the cave. If there are any, use a small fire to keep your expedition safe.
  • Don’t forget about the appropriate clothes. A comfortable and warm clothes, sturdy shoes, and gloves.

Here also some useful things for caving expedition:

  • lantern;
  • matches in sealed packaging;
  • chalk;
  • plan of the cave;
  • first aid kit;
  • watch.

So for those coming to practice caving in Ukraine, here are five the most stunning caves to visit.

Optimistic cave

How to get: by car or bus to Korolivka village (Ternopil region) from Ternopil, Khotyn, Chernivtsi or Kamianets-Podilskyi.
Special equipment: not needed.

Did you know that second biggest cave in the world is located in Ukraine? The Optimistic cave now consists of 10 sectors that differ from each other by nature, size and colors. However, this place continues to be explored by professionals. Its total length is more than 200 km and getting bigger every year with discovering of new locations and roads. Here you have a chance to go for a few days underground extreme adventure, explore the cave and even to spend here a night with a guidance of professional cave explorers.

Atlantida cave

How to get: by car or bus to Zavallya village (Khmelnytskyi region) from Kamianets-Podilskyi.
Special equipment: not needed.

This cave not far from Kamianets-Podilsky can attract cave lovers. The place is, indeed, special and holds a special place in the list of abandoned places. Comparing to other famous caves in Ukraine, Atlantida is not good enough explored. However, it’s safe to visit it with a guide. Covered with crystals and inhabited with bats, this cave will be a good place to go for unusual vacations.

Bukovynka cave

How to get: by car or bus to Stalnovtsi village (Chernivtsi region) from Khotyn or Chernivtsi.
Special equipment: preferred.

Bukovinka is, actually, not one cave but two that are connected with each other. That’s a three-level complex, 5 kilometers long, and always cold (9-10 degrees). This cave has a rich fauna – foxes, mice, and bats are often guests here. Meanwhile, the place has a rich archeological history as well.

Ozerna cave

How to get: by car or bus to Strilkovtsi village (Ternopil region) from Ternopil.
Special equipment: required.

Ozerna complex got its name thanks to the variety of lakes that can be found here. The total length of the explored parts of the cave is 127 kilometers, that are divided into five zones. The history of the cave starts at the times of ancient people and reaches to the times of world wars. The cave used to be a shelter for locals looking to hide from military forces.

Cinderella cave

How to get: by car or bus to Podvirne village (Chernivtsi region) from Chernivtsi.
Special equipment: required.

Cinderella is one of the recently discovered caves. Opened in 1977, now it has around 90 kilometers of roads on different levels. However, it still holds a lot of mysteries. The air of the cave is unique as well as the minerals that are not typical for such places. Meanwhile, that’s not the end. Cinderella is a treasure for experienced explorers thanks to its wide and comprehensive geography which makes it relatively hard to climb and simply walk here.

P.S. Don’t forget to check the official resource about caving in Ukraine.


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