The Ultimate Guide to Kiev Boryspil Airport

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Kyiv is one of the most iconic cities in Europe. The capital of Ukraine, it welcomes thousands of tourists every year, all keen to experience its culture, landmarks, scenery and famous science hubs. As a result, there are many visitors going through the cities airports. The primary airport is the Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv), also known as Kiev Borispol Airport, which receives most of the international flights in the city. Any airport, and especially the biggest and busiest in the country, can be a complicated place to understand. If you are flying to Ukraine, this ultimate guide to Kiev Airport in Boryspil has all the needed tips and suggestions to make your journey worry-free.

Until spring 2012 Kyiv Borispol Airport consisted mainly of two small-ish terminals – Terminal A for domestic flights and Terminal B for international flights. Thankfully, EURO 2012 brought much needed improvements and added two new modern facilities – Terminal F and Terminal D, well-organized and signposted taxi and bus transport systems, larger selection of restaurants/cafes, free WiFi and huge changes in comfort levels.

Therefore, if you pass by super low ratings of Kyiv Borispol Airport online, keep in mind that most of them are already obsolete and don’t match with what the airport has to offer.


When arriving in or departing from the airport, you will have to decide whether you need to go to custom control. Whilst this can be confusing in many airports, the Kyiv Borispol has a helpful color system, which will help guide you to wherever you need to be. If you are bringing foreign goods into the country, you must go to the customs desk (signposted red). If you are not, then you may proceed to check-in (signposted green). Should you need to declare anything, you can do so by completing the custom declaration form at the customs desk.


The Kyiv Borispol airport has a variety of eateries that will help you wile away the time. If you’re starving for a bite to eat as soon as you arrive, there are a number of low-key cafes situated outside Terminal A, where you can purchase drinks and snacks. As with most airports, there is a wider and more comprehensive range in the departures area. Before security, there are a few informal, self-service cafeterias, where you can buy an easy meal. When you get through departures, you will have a choice of Ukrainian, European, Oriental and American themed restaurants. And for those coffee addicts, the departures lounge in Terminal F holds Ukraine’s first ever Costa Coffee.


If you’d like to do a spot of shopping when waiting in departures, Terminals B, D and F hold some great opportunities. There are a variety of different department stores, with a range of perfumes, chocolate, clothing, souvenirs, alcohol, toys and accessories to be bought. A large duty free store is also on offer, so you can save a little money on your purchases. Just make sure not to miss your flight!


At the airport you are able to connect to its free internet service through their Wi-Fi. Simply go onto your phone and select the Free Borispol Wi-Fi network.

Banking and ATMs

If you need to withdraw money, exchange currency or make any other banking transactions, terminals B, D and F offer available services 24 hours a day. Keep in mind that while local banks don’t charge for debit card withdrawals, your foreign bank will charge for currency exchange. Also, the local banks will charge fee, if you are using your credit card. Most of the ATMs have English language options available. Additionally, you can find ATMs that offer a wide range of automatic payment methods so, for instance, you can purchase credit for your mobile phone.

Medical Facilities

Each year, there are countless people who need to receive medication or medical treatment at airports. At Kyiv Borispol, there are a number of highly qualified doctors on sight to deal with issues such as these. If your situation is not an emergency, then you can find various medical dentures and pharmacies in terminals B and F.

Children’s Facilities

At the airport, there are a range of areas where children can sleep, relax and play. Bathrooms are equipped with baby changing stations. You will also be able to find free children’s facilities in Terminal F. To use them, you’d need to present your flight ticket, and do a simple and routine medical check-up for your child at the doctor’s office on the first floor. Keep in mind though, that you can use the play room up to 6 hours at a time only.

Airport Hotels

The primary hotel at the airport is called Borispol Airport Hotel. It is situated close to the new Terminal D, and offers single and double rooms, as well as two-room suites, that are fitted with both a bathroom and a separated living area. If you are looking for a short overnight stay and don’t want to travel 70 km to the city, the hotel is a good option, though the reviews are not promising. Keep in mind that there is no A/C unit in the rooms, and the distance to the airplane take-off fields is very close.

Alternatively, you can try hotel Korona (reviews here), located mere 5 km away from the airport, as well as hotel Kozatskiy Stan (reviews here), located 10 min away from the airport and in the midst of beautiful pine forest.

Sky Taxi

The airport has its own taxi service, named Sky Taxi. All of their cars are new models and are driven by licensed drivers. You can find the taxi hire service in the ‘drop-off zone’, which is situated at the front of each terminal. By using this service, you can be dropped off right outside door of your chosen destination. The cost from the airport to the city center is around 20-25 EURO. They accept cash and credit card payments (not all of them though, so make sure to check with the driver before you get in).

Sky Bus

As well as this, the airport also has its own bus service, which provides passengers with a cost effective way of getting from the airport into the city of Kyiv. Buses depart from Terminals B and F, taking you to the city via Kharkiviska metro station, to the Kyiv’s main railway station. Details about departure, ticket purchase and transfers are available on the Sky Bus website (multiple languages). Ride from the airport to Kyiv South Railway station will cost you around 2.5-3 EURO.

Layovers and transit

As Eastern Europe is not universally popular among travelers, stopovers are often required when travelling within this region. Due to Kyiv Borispol airport being one of the most prominent within this part of the world, it is regularly used as a layover airport. This is why it is essential to know about things to do when waiting for a flight from Kyiv. If your stopover is going to be a little longer (like 8 hours) you can use this time to visit city. The bus service takes about 45 minutes to get to downtown Kyiv, where there are plenty of things to see and do.

What is your experience with the new Kyiv Boryspil International Airport? Got some suggestions and tips for the fellow travelers? Please, share them below!


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