A guide to the street food in Ukraine

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If you want to understand the country better – try street food. Let’s have a tour around Ukrainian eating habits and see what biggest cities can offer.


Kyiv – the city that never stops. So it’s not a surprise there are several spots all around where you can grab a coffee, have a lunch break or simply buy a snack. The diversity of street food is impressing. However, we’ve picked the marvelous spots that might even compete with ordinary restaurants and food they serve.

Bistro Bistro

The most beloved Kyiv street food place that offers the tastiest hot-dogs ever. Once you try one, you’ll never forget this taste. Moreover, you can find not only classic American hot-dog here but 3 to 4 positions of exclusive and delicious snacks. All the sauces are in-house made which ensure the best quality and unique taste. The price for every hot-dog is 50 UAH. You can also find a great choice of hot and cold drinks. There are two spots around the city center and one in the biggest shopping mall – Lavina.


How about to take away a soup? What if we tell you that it will be served in a cup? And yes, you can eat it right after finishing your soup. Well, there is a street food spot in Kyiv that makes it possible. Soup is a tasty and healthy snack that can even replace your lunch break and give you enough energy to continue exploring the city all day long. Interesting, that all soups here are vegetarian so it’s a good snack literally for everyone. There are several Suokultura spots around the city center, check the most recent updates on their Facebook page.

Vegano hooligano

Vegans would be happy to get to know this cool street food spot that doesn’t serve any food of animal origin. Everything is 1000% vegetarian and healthy. However, not only vegans are going to enjoy the food here, it’s popular spot meat eaters too. The place offers a big choice of sandwiches, rolls, salads, soups and even desserts. To find it, go inside the Bessarabskyi market on the central street.

Secret tips

  • One of the most visited festivals in Kyiv is a street food festival (Ulichnaya Eda). It takes place often on weekends at Platforma art-factory. Check if there is one when you’re coming;
  • For sure, the most legendary Kyiv fast food is perepichka. According to some locals, it’s the main thing to try for somebody who visits the capital for the first time. The unique taste of sausage fried in a dough remains unchanged for all this time. Indeed, it’s a taste of childhood for most of the citizens.


Rumor has it, Odessa can compete for the name of a street food capital. Indeed, there are legends about the best falafel place ever and seafood-to-go spots. Odessa is always ready to offer something to eat for the travelers and citizens.


Traditional shwarma, falafel, and schnitzel are must-try here. You can take food with you and go to continue exploring the city or stay to eat your lunch here as well.  So when in Odessa, come to Ekaterinska street to try something new and tasty.


Odessa has something for the Asian food fans too. What’s special about the place? You have a chance to see your dish cooking right in front of you that ensures the highest quality. Moreover, due to the special method of preparation on a high temperature, all the ingredients keep all the freshness and vitamins what makes the food healthy as well. In case you find yourself close to the railway station, don’t forget to visit Teppan and grab an exotic lunch.

Jerusalem falafel

Experts say it doesn’t count you’ve been to Odessa if you didn’t taste the famous falafel. On of best falafel can be found in a small corner spot next to the synagog on Evreyska street. Taking the spicy one, be careful – spicy means really really spicy. You can also try hummus that is really tasty here too.


  • There is a great choice of street food and different snacks on the big market of Deribasovska Street;
  • Coming from Odessa to Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi don’t forget to pass by a small village (Sonyachna station) and try the best chawarma in Ukraine. The owner and the chef – cheerful Jordanian that used to study in Ukraine. Rumor has it, you’d never try anything similar to this one.


Lviv is considered to be a city of restaurants, coffee, and chocolate. And how about a street food? Even though the city center is overwhelmed with places to eat, you can find spots to grab something right on your way.

Humus & Falafel

As you could already understand, Ukrainians are big fans of Middle Eastern cuisine. You can find a good spot in Lviv as well. This small cozy window in the city center serves the original falafel and hummus, falafel sandwiches, traditional soups, and coffee. In case you’re new in exploring this cuisine, order the classic hummus or falafel and feel the pure taste of it. As a bonus, prices are more than accessible.


What about noodles? The most famous street food chain in Lviv serves tasty and healthy Asian lunches. You can find noodles with chicken or meat as well as vegetarian one. Asian soups are also on the menu. Tikitai is easy to find: there are three spots around the city center where you can take noodles to go or stay next to the table and take your lunch.


  • A place with fresh and tasty hot-dogs – Dobryj Pes;
  • Fusion street food – Zhovtyi Vislyuk;
  • Passing by Opera theater, take a look on the street market here. There are a lot tasty things to try.

The Carpathians

The richest and most extraordinary part of the Ukrainian cuisine lives here. Although you can easily find some street food in every medium and big city of the region, it can’t compete with the pure and authentic dishes that are served at the local cuisine restaurants and, of course, at homes.

Langosh (Uzhhorod)

Langosh is a yeast dough that is fried in boiling oil. Served with garlic sauce, sour cream, cheese, more often with all the toppings together. Langosh is a traditional fast food and farewell snack in Hungary, as well as in Uzhhorod. Come over to Fanka art-cafe and try it.

Merci (Ivano-Frankivsk)

The best street food in Ivano-Frankivsk, according to the locals. Merci offers a great choice of a traditional fast food dishes: sandwiches, paninis, hot-dogs etc. An amazing combination of sauces and all-fresh ingredients makes them extremely tasty.


  • If you find yourself in Chernivtsy, you must try Belgian waffles that are super amazing at “The best corner coffee shop” (Universytetska Street) and at “Cotte Cafe” (Kobylyanska Street);
  • In Ivano-Frankivsk, you can have cheap and tasty snacks in Pyrizhkova (Vychevyi Maidan) and take a small pizza for 14 UAH on the central street;
  • On the biggest souvenirs’ market of the Carpathians in Yaremche, you have a chance to try some local dishes and other street food. Don’t also forget to get yourself a cheese “konyk”.



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