The most interesting museums in Ukraine you can visit

Since the Museum Days are coming, we’ve decided to choose some interesting, unusual and best museums in Ukraine to visit. Check this list of 11 museums that are worth a visit and make your plan.

National Aviation Museum 

And we start with one of the youngest museums in Ukraine. National Aviation Museum represents an exciting collection of everything that can fly – planes and helicopters of different sizes and years of release, together with other details related to aviation. In addition, it’s extremely big and spacy, every visitor will feel comfortable exploring the objects outside and inside. This place is popular for photo shoots, you might want to make one.

A price of the ticket: 50 UAH, to enter airplanes you have to pay a fixed sum in addition.

Adress: Kyiv, Medova Street 1


Museum Of the toilet’s history

Museum of the toilet’s history is one of the weirdest museums in Kyiv. The main theme of the exposition is water-closet. But do not smile ironically. You will be surprised to discover how many deep and fascinating details the history of such usual and familiar thing conceals. Museum also maintains largest collection of toilet souvenirs in the world. In 2015 it was listed to the Guinness book of Record.

A price of the ticket: 50 UAH

Adress: Kyiv, Rybalska street 22


Ivan Gonchar museum 

This place would be interesting to visit for those who want to know more about Ukrainian culture. Its exposition shows numerous object of art and everyday life that Ukrainians were creating and using back in times. So here you can find not only pictures or sculptures but also dishes, clothes, and even ancient musical instruments. This museum will make you literally dive into rich Ukrainian culture.

A price of the ticket: 30 UAH.

Adress: Kyiv, Lavrska Street 19


Khanenko MUSEUM 

The most favorite among museums in Ukraine for Kyiv citizens. It has a very rich collection of art objects from all over the world that is valuable globally. You can enjoy marvelous pictures and sculptures of European, Ukrainian and Asian heritage coming from different historical periods that cover almost all centuries. Once you get here, time will not exist anymore. Some works of world’s most famous artists presented here, try to find them in exposition.

A price of the ticket: 50 UAH.

Adress: Kyiv, Tereschenkivska Street 15-17


pyrogovo MUSEUM 

A museum that is not really a museum in its traditional way, because it’s an open space. This place can be a good combination for picnic activities and for raising awareness of Ukrainian culture and traditions. In this park-museum you can look inside traditional houses from villages of different regions and see how Ukrainians used to live and what their daily life included. After you can make a small tour and have a lunch on open air, play some outdoor games and just enjoy the weather. This place is also a known venue for various festivals and traditional markets. Check the updates to know the nearest events before you go.

A price of the ticket: 40 UAH.

Adress: Kyiv region, Pyrogovo village. Easy to get from metro stations Lybidska, Druzhby Narodiv, Akademmistechko, Lukianivska by public transport.



The oldest among existing pharmacies in Lviv and the only one transformed into a museum. It has a large exposition of equipment and ingredients that were used by the Medieval doctors. It also has a significant collection of ancient medical documents, recipes, and prescriptions. But don’t forget to book a tour in advance, this place is always crowded so make sure you can get in.

A price of the ticket: 15 UAH.

Adress: Lviv, Drukarska Street 2


MUSEUM of strategic rocket forces

For sure, a unique military museum that is worth a visit. This museum is a battle starting position with mine-launcher, command post missile launch and ground-based equipment (cooling center unit, watchman facilities with automated security systems) that are kept in its original state and conditions. This one of the most extraordinary museums in Ukraine is a must-visit for military fans. It can be an interesting place for kids as well.

A price of the ticket: 35 UAH.

Adress: Mykolaiv region, Pervomaysk, Odeska Street 121


water museum

This museum is one of the most visited places in Kyiv. It’s popular for children group tours as well as for tourists’ and city guests’ visits. Exposition introduces a water life cycle and combines elements of a museum, technical exposition, and water park. During the tour, you have a chance to observe the melting of glaciers, get to know how the rain appears and see a geyser eruption. And don’t forget to get inside a soap bubble.

A price of the ticket: 40 UAH.

Adress: Kyiv, Grushevskogo Street 1B


easter egg MUSEUM

Ukraine is famous for its crafts. One of the most ancient of them is a craft of Easter eggs decoration (“Pysanka”). And this is what this museum is dedicated to. It has a large exposition of beautiful Pysanky from all over the world. It even has some eggs signed by celebrities. In addition, this place looks amazing from outside as well cause it’s built in a form of a big glass Easter egg.

A price of the ticket: 25 UAH.

Adress: Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kolomyia, Chornovola Avenue 43/b



You’ve already heard about a Kopernic museum in Poland. Well, Ukraine also has one and its name is Experimentanium. This is a modern science center in the city center where you can get to know more about science and nature and feel yourself a crazy scientist. Here science becomes interesting thanks to an experimental way of representation, so you learn about science by practicing it! Here you can build a bridge without a single nail, watch the birth od the tornado, create a lightning, force a magnet to fly and make many of other discoveries.

A price of the ticket: 170 – 210 UAH.

Adress: Kyiv, Verhniy Val 2A


museum of smuggling

There is no better place for such museum than Odessa. Smugglers from Odessa have always been creative. You can find out what tricks they used by visiting this museum. Cigarettes were smuggled in hidden spaces of cars. The jewels were buried in the heels of women’s shoes, hollow reed, and even pens. You will also see other smart ideas of creative smuggling of different periods of time. All the exhibits in the museum are real.

A price of the ticket: 40 UAH.

Adress: Odessa, Katerynska Street 6


Note that most of the expositions in museums are in Ukrainian. However, you can book a tour with English speaking guide, usually, it’s not expensive.

Enjoy your time!


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