The best places for holidays on water in Ukraine

Shatsky lakes

The picturesque Shatsky lakes can for sure compete with sea resorts as the holidays on water destination. They are the part of Shatsk national recreation park. The biggest from the ridge of 30 lakes is Svityaz. It’s 58 meters depth and has so pure and clean that even on the 8 meters depth you will be able to see the bottom. In addition, here you will find a beautiful nature, mild weather, and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.

For who?

Svityaz is a popular destination for families with children, as well as for youth and couples. However, it’s important to choose your holiday location. The lake has 4 zones. The Ridge is known for its nightlife so traditionally remains a famous place to go for young people and couples. If you are traveling with family, feel free to choose any other of three zones that left – Grushove, Pisochne or Svityaz.

Where to stay?

Svityaz offers a big choice of accommodation for different budgets and preferences. You can find hotel-type rooms, private eco houses, luxurious cottages, as well as campings and rooms in private houses with locals. Just choose what you’re up to.

top activities

  • Due to the crystal clear water, the lake is a famous destination for fishing lovers. Even if you’ve never tried it, you should definitely try and go early morning to assist fishermen or rent a boat to go fishing. Unforgettable emotions and stunning beauty are guaranteed.
  • Since you’d be in Volynska region, you might probably pass by its capital – Lutsk. The city’s main attraction and Ukraine’s one of the most beautiful castles – Lubart’s castle, is situated here. Plan a small trip to visit it.
  • The region is in the woodland so has a beautiful flora and fauna. Moreover, it’s a preserve and has a large recreation area. Spend a day in the forest, go to gather berries and mushrooms and enjoy the feeling of unity with nature.


Probably, the most popular holidays on water destination for both Ukrainians and foreign guests. What can be better than a combination of beautiful city landscapes, sea, sun, tasty food, and the great culture? Odessa has a unique soul which makes thousands of city visitors fall in love once and forever.


For everyone, literally. Odessa has a place for all of us. Arkadia came up as a place for youth with the intense day&night beach parties and dance venues. For calm and family holidays on water, there are Otrada and Langeron beaches area. In addition, the dolphinarium and aqua park are nearby.


Again, since Odessa welcomes different type of travelers, there is a great range of places to stay too. From good hotels to private houses and apartments, from seaside locations to city center – you would be able to choose the suitable option for you.


  • Just take a tour around the city. Odessa is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine with an amazing architecture, interesting history, and unique culture.
  • Don’t forget to try local food. Make a visit to one of the local cuisine restaurants, street food spots or even visit a market. These gastronomical impressions will, for sure, add brightness to your experience.


Azov Sea is ready to welcome you starting from May every year. Since it’s shallow, the water here gets warm fast. It offers an opportunity to spend warm holidays on water before the season’s start on other sea resorts. In addition, the resort has a good infrastructure and big choice of activities.


Due to the cleanness of the sea and beaches, low depth and long coastline, Kyrylivka, together with other near Azov Sea resorts, is a perfect place for families with children. Even during the high season, this place offers enough space for everybody so you’ll not be disturbed and feel comfortable.


Kyrylivka has more than 500 hotels, recreation centers, boarding and guest houses. That gives a big choice of accommodation for all the budgets. However, it’s recommended to get an assist with your booking to find the most suitable options with good price and quality.


In Kyrylivka you will find the largest water park in Ukraine – “Treasures Island”, the Dolphinarium “Oscar”, an equestrian circus, an extreme park, terrarium and aquarium with exotic fish, two amusement parks, several nightclubs and many cafes. Definitely not a place to get bored, both for kids and adults.

Blue Lakes

Another lake complex is located in Olishnya, Chernihiv region. Blue lakes attract people from all over Ukraine and neighbor countries thanks to pure water, sandy beaches, and marvelous nature. The area has a good infrastructure too. There are enough places to go and stay around the banks of the biggest lake, which has comfortable and equipped beaches and is deep enough to swim. A good option for the holidays on water.


A vacation on the lakes’ banks would be a perfect choice for tourist that search for some non-popular destinations. The place is calm and not crowded. Blue lakes are opened for explorers of all ages – for a nice family holiday, group campings and solo travelers.


A recreation complex offers accommodation services. You can choose between three classes of wooden eco houses or just place your tent. Note, that it’s better to be prepared and take enough food with you for cooking. There are no restaurants or shops on the territory. You can get more information and book a place here.


  • Organize a camping. Even if you choose to stay in the cottage, try to spend a night in a tent and live a day as a true camper. This is a perfect opportunity to get united with nature.
  • The area is surrounded by a pine forest. Plan a small walk to explore it.
  • Why not take a tour to the region’s capital – Chernihiv? You’ll be amazed how long and interesting history it has.

Synevyr Lake

There is no more famous destination for the holidays on water in the Carpathians than Synevyr lake. It’s located on the top of one of the mountains, has pure and refreshing water and surrounded by dense forests.


For the people searching to add more diversity to their mountain vacations and discover the true pearl of the Carpathians.


Here is a camping zone right next to the lake banks. However, you can choose to rent a room or a small house in the surrounding villages. But note, that you will need to pay every time you want to enter the Synevyr area.


Syvash Firth

This mix of sea and lake will please the lovers of unusual natural attractions. Have you ever seen a pink water? Syvash will give you an opportunity to enjoy its beauty. Due to the particular plant water gets its unique and beautiful color. Moreover, the water itself is extremely salty, which makes the lake a place not only for the holidays on water but also for healthy procedures.


For unusual natural beauty lovers, that would like to enjoy the views and spend some time next to the sea. It’s also a good place for families with children since the water itself and the air here acts as a natural antioxidant and helps to improve an imun system that prevents several seasonal sicknesses and illnesses.


You can rent a room or house in the area. Send a request to check best options for the most comfortable holiday.

Bonus: In case you got suck in Kyiv

There is a place for the holiday on water even in the big city. It could happen this time your trip is too short to go and explore Ukraine further. However, in summer everybody of us wants the portion of sun, beach, and water. So here are some places to go for a weekend in Kiev and around the capital.


One of the most famous private beaches in Kyiv. It has two good restaurants, a play zone for kids and, of course, a huge swimming pool.


The outdoor complex not far from Kyiv that is located in the forest. Guests can benefit from swimming pool, a coastline and grill restaurant. In addition, you can practice several extreme activities here.


This country club, in addition to all the usual services, has several swimming pools. One among of them is the biggest outdoor swimming pool in the Kyiv region.


This complex is located right next to the coast of the Kyiv Sea (water reservoir). It’s allowed to swim here. You can also find swimming pools, restaurants, and spa here. Moreover, there is an option to rent a room and spend few days holidays on water.


It’s a beach with chaise longues and entertainments on the banks of Dnipro river in Kyiv. A big range of activities won’t let feel bored both kids and adults. The beach is free, you have to pay just the rent of chaise longue. In addition, there is a restaurant and a swimming pool.


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