Five best outdoor activities in Kiev

How many of you want to escape the bustle of the capital and go long miles in search of quiet and close-to-nature places? We have good news for you – there is no need to cross the border  or travel to the opposite side of the country, everything is right here near Kyiv. This city can offer a lot of nature sites that you probably did not even think about. River, forests, wildlife and adventure – all within short driving distance from your hotel. Discover these top outdoor activities in Kiev and kick off your adventure weekend now!

1. Cycling in Holosiivskyy and FeoFania parks

Парк Феофания

Holosiivskyy park is the largest forest park in Europe and since 2007 it became a national natural park. The territory is 140 hectares and consists of a park zone with a cascade of four ponds which transfers into a deep forest with unique wildlife and clean air.  It is only 15 minutes away from the city centre but while you are in there you can get lost for hours and completely forget that you are still in Kiev 🙂

If you would like to visit another beautiful place which is a monument to a landscape art of national importance, then welcome to Feofania park. One of the youngest parks in Kiev, it stands out by a harmonious blend of natural and modern artificial landscape design. Presence of St. Panteleimon Cathedral just adds a special atmosphere to the park.

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2. Kayaking on Dnipro river ( Kozachyy and Olzhyn islands)


Kayaking on Dnipro gives you a great opportunity to admire river’s picturesque banks  and access some of the most secluded spots that are harder to get to by foot or by car. There are about 30 islands around Kiev which, despite being close to megapolis, managed to preserve its unique ecosystem.

Kozachyy island which took its name from cossacks is a natural reserve. It is home for many species of birds and big amount of fish.

Olzhyn island could be a paradise for those who prefer seclusion. Sandy beaches along with rare plants will immediately become an attraction for anyone.

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3. Wild life observation in Mizhrichyntskyy National Park

mizhrich. park

Mizhrichynskyy national park is the largest conservation territory in Ukraine. It is located between two rivers Dnipro and Desna and thus takes its name from it ( “mizhrichchja” – “between rivers”). It is home for 30 endangered species of animals and 20 bird species that are listed in the Red Book.  It is the ideal place to enjoy the unspoiled enviroment and get one-to-one with the Mother Nature.

If you want to get familiar with some animals that you’ve seen only in the pictures before then elks, wild boars, roe deer, many wolves and foxes, weasels, countless rabbits, badgers and beavers are waiting for you 🙂

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4. Birdwatching near Kiev

birdwatching 2

Due to specific landscape and a variety of landscape zones there are many places near Kiev that are good for birdwatching. As mentioned above Holosiivskyy forest is one of them. If you come here in the morning you will be able to enjoy the bird choir of mavises, blackbirds, finches and warblers.

Levee of Kiev Hydro-electro station would be another birdwatching spot.  Many aquatic bird species can be seen here such as crane, bee-eater, geese and many more. The best time to see the biggest variety of birds here is winter because of all the fish being trapped under ice.

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5. Hiking in Pushcha Vodytsja

outdoor activities in kiev - pushcha vodytsia

One of the most favourite “weekend” places among the locals is the park in Pushcha Vodytsia which is 15 minute drive from Kiev.  The territory of the  park is only 12 hectares but it is also a part of a big forest where you can walk for hours. Lakes and small rivers in the company of oaks and pine trees create a perfect place for a picnic or just a simple getaway from a busy city life.

Once you are tired from hiking you can enjoy riding a tram which connects park with the very heart of Kiev. Enjoy fabulous scenery along your way as the majority of the route goes through the woods.

That is definitely not all the list of nature and outdoor activities in Kiev. Have other options to add? Let us know in the comments.


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