What to do with kids in Kyiv: best places and activities

Family travels are fun. However, sometimes it becomes quite hard to find places to go together, that will be interesting for both children and their parents. We’ve tried to pick up the most children-friendly places which you just have to visit with kids in Kyiv during your vacations.

So here is your potential weekend plan for fun holidays with kids in Kyiv. You can…

…visit some museums


National Aviation Museum represents an exciting collection of everything that can fly – planes and helicopters of different sizes and years of release, together with other details related to aviation. Kids will love it, you can go inside the planes, imagine yourself a pilot and run around a huge territory of the museum without disturbing other visitors. In addition, this place is popular for photo shoots, you might want to make one.


This museum is one of the most visited places in Kyiv. It’s popular for children group tours as well as for tourists’ and city guests’ visits. Exposition introduces a water life cycle and combines elements of a museum, technical exposition, and water park. During the tour, you have a chance to observe the melting of glaciers, get to know how the rain appears and see a geyser eruption. And don’t forget to get inside a soap bubble.


This is a modern science center where kids can get to know more about science and nature and feel themselves crazy scientists. Here science becomes interesting thanks to an experimental way of representation, so you learn about science by practicing it! They can build a bridge without a single nail, watch the birth of the tornado, create a lightning, force a magnet to fly and make many of other discoveries. Really fun and educative.

Note, that expositions are in Ukrainian but you can order a tour with English speaking guide.

…watch some performances

Puppet theater

Look at this magic castle. Who you think can live there? Of course only charming princesses, noble knights, fantastic animals and other inhabitants of the fairytales’ world. Here children can meet their favorite characters and come to a magic world of the best plays.

spherical cinema ATMASFERA360

Want to travel back in time to the moment when the Earth was born or to the dinosaurs’ epoch? It’s easy! This place is like a time machine, can help you to go back thousands of years back. Moreover, here you can come closer to the space phenomenon, stars, and planets. A cinema is located in the city planetarium where you can also find the tail of a comet and a meteor rain. Both exciting for children and adults.

Language for both performances: Ukrainian.

…have a walk

Landscape Alley

This place remains a favorite one to go with kids in Kyiv since its opening till now, both for locals and city guests. And not with children only, it’s popular among student from surrounding schools to come here after classes and for couples to meet for a date. However, it’s still full of places for children activities and games.

Children Railway

What can be more fun than to take a tiny train where all crew is the same age as you? This railway connects 2 stations – Cherry and Apple – in one of the Kyiv parks and works every summer for 63 years already. This kind of unusual outdoor activity is a must-do with kids in Kyiv.

Obolon quay

Recently renovated, this place is famous for its beauty, security, and amount of people coming here daily. In warm summer evenings sometimes you can find it more crowded than the main street. It’s a good place to go for evening family walk, ride bicycles altogether or just run around and eat ice cream.

…have a lunch


In addition to its cute and funny interior and small toys shop inside, this place is considered as one of the most kids-friendly cafes in a city center. So in case you plan a family dinner and search for a restaurant to go with kids in Kyiv, this place could be a perfect solution. You can find a babysitter working here, who’s always ready to help and distract your children. However, they won’t be bored while waiting for their orders – tablecloths here are made from paper and serve also as a picture for coloring and place to draw (color pencils are available on every table).


Accessibility all around the city, fast service and healthy food – the main criteria while choosing restaurants to have a lunch with kids. All this combines in Salateria – the healthiest chain of fast-food in Kiev. It’s self-service restaurant that is popular among locals for family visits. In some locations, you’ll find a room for kids where they can play under the supervision of a teacher. Note, that portions of food here are extremely big, so you can ask to share one.

…just have fun


In this city of professions, your children have a chance to “try on” the adult life and decide by their own what they’d like to do. Kidlandia is a kids’ republic with its own currency, where every child has a passport together with an own bank account and learns how to earn money by working, for example, as a hairdresser or policeman. The earned money can be spent right here for games and other activities.

Rope park «Seiklar»

In case you want to try some extreme kind of activity, this rope park gives you a choice between 6 routes of different levels of complexity, so all the family has a chance to have fun. A good place to practice a little of sports on open-air, try something new and learn how to control your body.


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