Ukraine Photography tours

Hey traveler,

If you want to take unusual and authentic photos of rarely seen sights, you are at the right place offering a perfect tour to fulfill your intentions. Your backdrop scenery will be continuously changing: you will go from modern, vibrant city like Kiev to romantic, full of history Lviv; from National Biosphere Reserve in Odesa region to swampy North with its wild nature; from ‘Ukrainian Venice’ to the well-known Carpathians.

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Top activities to try!

  • Sketch unique views of wild animals and flowers
  • Live in a wild waiting for that very shot
  • Take stunning photos while exploring nature, culture, architecture.

What others say

“The combination of strong traditions and beautiful scenery will make this region a hotspot destination.The Carpathians are really a natural and cultural gem that I hope are developed responsibly, and I find your company has done well at finding the right activities. Our guides were great, despite the language barrier our drivers were fun, the scenery was beautiful, the masterclasses were interesting, all in all, it was a fantastic trip! Thank you so much.”

Liz and Matt, Switzerland, Custom tour

“I am so satisfied with our trip with Active Ukraine. I and my comanion felt that we where followed around by Active Ukraine and given opportunities to experience nice and interesting things every day and meat nice people. We also had enough time for ourselves, both to explore and to rest. We also slept an ate very well. I now recommend Active Ukraine to my colleges at work, to friends and to family.”

Margarete Wulfsberg, Norway, Custom tour

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