Abandoned places in Ukraine that will take your breath away

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In case you love to explore abandoned places, here are few hints for you. Abandoned cities, churches caves and more. Check them out.


I don’t think I’ve ever had such visceral reaction to any place I have ever visited. I never thought I would get to stand this close to it. It’s hard to explain how it feels, but it was a solemn moment standing a stone-throw away from this hell on earth that claimed so many lives and caused so much fear around the world. Trip Advisor Reviews

Let’s start with the most famous one among abandoned places in Ukraine – Chornobyl. After the explosion of the nuclear power plant, it turned from the busy industrial city to the dead isolated area. Years after the catastrophe, it was dangerous to even come closer it. Today there are special tours organized for abandoned places lovers. However, some spots in Chernobyl still keep the high level of danger. So it’s a must to take a guide if you are thinking to explore it.

Pidgoretskiy castle

Castle was built as a recreational palace and not for strategic reasons in the 17th century. This castle is a short distance from Lviv and fits in well with stops to Olesko and Zolochiv castle in a day trip. Trip Advisor Reviews

This abandoned castle holds a big mystery. Everybody who had a chance to spend a night here starting from XVIIIth century had seen a real ghost. It was seen by the patients of the tuberculosis hospital that based here in the soviet union times, guards and workers of the castle. The family of Polish landlords who lived here even documented their memories about the ghost. According to the legend, the ghost is a soul of a young wife of Vaclav Zhevusky – Maria. He’d killed his wife because of jealousy.


Bald Mountain

There is magical place. Park remained almost as he was in the times of the Gentiles when Mermaids, Witches and Zombies are celebrated here. Trip Advisor Reviews

The bald mountain is, probably, one of the most mystical and mysterious of abandoned places in Kyiv. The place is shrouded in many legends. But not a lot of people know about the ruins of the old fort that can be found here. In the XIXth century, the entire Russian Empire was to be strengthened by a huge network of fortresses, and Kiev was not an exception. However, the fortifications got outdated before the end of the construction. Due to this, the fortification was converted into a “fortress-warehouse”. The Fort ruins are now a monument of military-defense architecture that everyone can visit.

Odessa dungeons

Catacombes are almost supernatural place, we lost track of time… We travel a lot, but visit to Odessa Catacombes was the best touristic thing I have ever experienced. And best of all, it is not touristic at all, it is authentic. Must see! Trip Advisor Reviews

Odessa is not only about stunning architecture, cultural places, and the sea. For the underground life lovers, there is an entire city to explore below. Odessa has a big chain of dungeons of different origin. There are mines, abandoned metro tunnels, wine cellars and other unknown locations to discover. Find a local guide and go down.

Tarakanivskyi fort

As far as abandoned places go, this one is quite amazing. The architecture of what’s left of the ruins is pretty spectacular, considering there is little to no maintenance work is done for this place. Trip Advisor Reviews

This is one of the most amazing places in the Rivne region. Neither a fortress nor a castle, this building attracts more and more travelers every year. Today there are just ruins, but hundreds of legends keep being told about its former beauty and destiny. However, the place is hard to find. Moreover, it can be dangerous to walk there alone – you risk to fall down or get injuries cause of ongoing destruction. So it’s recommended to get a local guide before you come.

Atlantida cave

All visitors have three options of routes: introductory, detailed and extreme. We chose the second and had a lot of impressions and fun! Trip Advisor Reviews

This cave not far from Kamianets-Podilsky can attract cave lovers. The place is, indeed, special and holds a special place in the list of abandoned places. Comparing to other famous caves in Ukraine, Atlantida is not good enough explored. However, it’s safe to visit it with a guide. Covered with crystals and inhabited with bats, this cave will be a good place to go for unusual vacations.

Uspensky Church (Yazlovets)

The connoisseurs will really appreciate this place – it’s truly abandoned, but not ruined. According to the locals, it still operates as a church sometimes. You can find icons, altar, and bunches inside. From outside it’s charming as well. The church is an architectural monument that you will enjoy visiting.

Bakota cave monastery

Well worth the ride! Beautiful mesmerizing place. We really enjoyed the church and the clean water from the source. Trip Advisor Reviews

Going to Bakota, don’t forget to pass by the cave monastery. The history of it begins in the XIth century, Back in times, there was an ancient pagan temple. Monks have lived this caves until the XV century, in 1434 they left them. A place stayed abandoned until the XIXth century. In 1996, there was a serious collapse that destroyed a significant part of the caves and buildings. Now several monastic cells and part of the underground church are opened for visitors.


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