8 of the most beautiful views in Ukraine that our guides recommend

We asked our guides what are the most beautiful views in Ukraine, according to their experience. They shared favorite places of both tourists and locals that are worth visiting. Interesting is that most of them are neither popular or even known. Check the list and choose your place to visit first.


Ukrainian jungles are hard to get but impressive. It’s the labyrinth of numerous river channels covered with reed and marshy forests where beavers live. Here you can kayak among marvelous tree roots and long willow branches that reach water, past picturesque villages and vast pastures. This place carries the traces of ancient era and scars of world wars as well. Today it’s famous for inaccessible villages with hospitable inhabitants. On the sandy islands, you will fall asleep with the sound of sheep bleating and wake up with the blaring song of cranes. If you climb up the hills next to Stobyhva village, you will enjoy the view of endless fields covered with hundreds of herbs. Only here you can experience the true calmness and reunite with nature.

  Hanna Kuzyo, Birdwatching guide


In the labyrinths of Stokhod. Photo by Sergiy Palko

National Park Dzharylgatch is one of the most spectacular places you must see. Being the biggest abandoned island in Europe it is a real pearl of the Black Sea shore.  Totally flat with azure sea it is called Ukrainian Maldives.  But the biggest beauty of the island reveals at night. Some will hardly find more spectacular starry night sky with bright milky way. The mainland of the Dzharylgach island is steppe.  Here colors of the rainbow can be seen during the blooming period from spring to late summer. It is also heaven for birdwatchers.  Due to the system of lakes called ‘pyndyky’ there, some can find plenty of rare and not water species. The best view on the lakes opens from the above.

  Mykhailo Bogomaz, Wildlife photography guide


National Park Dzharylgatch. Photo by Halyna Aksenova

You can find the best views next to the Dnister canyon. Can name some most interesting places. The first one –  a view on the Dnister River from the Red Mountain. It’s the unique spot with the unique climate. This place is considered to be the warmest in Ternopil region. Here you can feel all the greatness and power of the Dnister canyon. Secondly, Yin and Yang islands. The eternal collision of the opposites, the fight between land and water, fire and water, infinity and moment that is frozen in front of us. Here you can also visit the hermit cave and the giant oak. Also, the ancient fortresses on the Tiras banks that are related with lots of legends. Here mystery unites with the reality and time loses its power because the river does its work – eliminates the days ( the literal meaning of Dnister river “dni ster” translates as ‘erase days’). And the last one – the picturesque and romantic waterfall “Girl’s tears” on the Dnister banks, always attracts with its coolness and freshness, mysterious sound and chimeric shapes that combine water, travertine and green moss. You can easily get here from the camp White Bizon by bicycle, canoe or paraglider.

  Volodymyr Horon, Kayaking guide

View on the Dniester River from the Red Mountain. Photo by Volodymyr Horon

Odessa offers a lot to explore: it’s a cocktail of rich history, magnificent architecture, beautiful coastline, hospitable people and delicious cuisine. With the city’s iconic sight, the Potemkin Steps, the splendid Opera House, the longest in Europe labyrinth of underground tunnels, the renowned Deribasovskaya Street Odessa is a thrill for history and culture lovers. And those interested in outdoor adventures will certainly enjoy boat trips and fishing on the Dniester River or biking a 4-mile path along the coast.

  Olga Bokhonovskaya, Odesa sightseeing guide

Sunset at Odessa Langeron beach. Photo from odessawalks.com

Historically Kyiv was well known for its natural beauty and unique atmosphere. From numerous hills, one can enjoy the view and a have a rest under the shadow of old trees. While for the most active tourist it is highly recommended to take a bike and ride to the Pearl of Dnipro – Trukhaniv island.

  Nick Vognick, Kyiv cycling guide

View of Trukhaniv island from Friendship of Nations Arch. Photo by Iryna Hrushetska

I recommend visiting the unique natural miracle of Polissya – Basalt columns. It’s one of the 100 miracles in Ukraine. They are natural pillars out of basalt from 3 to 30 meters tall. Thick rows of pillars will impress you with their geometrically perfect shape. There is also a place next to the site where you can have a break from a cycling tour – the lake with cerulean water. Here you can swim, sunbathe and refresh before continuing the road, as well as enjoy the beauty of Ukrainian nature. Highly recommended for cycling adventures lovers.

  Yuriy Oytsyus, cycling guide

Basalt columns. Photo by Yuriy Oytsyus

There is a Bilgorod-Dnister fortress located not far from Odessa. It’s a place on the Dnister estuary where you can easily spend all the day. You have a chance to feel the spirit of Medieval times here. You might also hear different legends about the fortress. This place unites the beauty of nature with the ancient architecture – definitely a thing to enjoy. Take a walk on the estuary banks and have a picnic outdoors. You may also explore the neighborhood by bike. It’s the perfect weekend location for those who want to escape from the city noise. 

Yura Prazdnikov, cycling guide


Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress. Photo from Wikipedia

The best Lviv city view is, for sure, the one from Ratusha – City Hall. From up there you can observe old narrow streets, towers and domes of Lviv’s numerous cathedrals, small and cozy backyards of old houses. If you decide to get there in the midday, you have a chance to hear the clock’s bell loud ringing. This is a true Lviv romance.

Ivanna Gonak, Lviv sightseeing guide

View from the top of city hall. Photo by Iryna Hrushetska

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