10 travel resolutions from Active Ukraine

2017 is almost behind and it is the right moment to set new bunch of goals for 2018. Active Ukraine team would like to share 10 travel resolutions for upcoming year, which may be a great addition to your personal list.

1. Try something you wouldn’t do at home. Travelling is always time to go out of the typical rhythm of life. You stay over in unusual conditions, eat various kinds of food and meet different types of people. This is the big advantage of a long journey over a normal weekend. When you change the atmosphere, don’t forget to change your attitude. For a short time forget, that you are an employee of the small company or CEO of the famous corporation. While travelling, you are equal with thousands and your identity is determined by the most needed information- your name. There is no one here to judge you or spread the rumors about your steps. When, if not during the holiday, you will do thoughtless actions and make spontaneous decisions? Maybe, it is the perfect time to try activity, which can become your favorite hobby or vocation for the rest of the years. Who knows, but maybe skiing in Carpathian Mountains or rope jumping from the highest bridge in Ukraine are sports you never wanted to try, but after this type of experience felt in love forever? If you never try you never know you will never know, but remember your limits.

2. Start learning new words. “As many languages you know, as many times you are human being”, Czech proverb says. Indeed, increasing your knowledge in foreign languages will surely widen your horizons, as well as bring you closer to the local community. Also, learning basic 20 words and phrases will automatically upgrade you to the new level- from a tourist to a traveler, stage, where you will be able to deal without a tour guide and manage yourself in simple daily situations. We are very lucky to live in 21st century, time of digital development, when your personal progress can start from pressing few buttons on your mobile phone. There is one effective way to acquire new words in your free time- to start learning them online. For example, language service “Duolingo” totally for free can offer you a free course of Ukrainian language from the scratch. So, do not wait till 2018 will appear on the calendar, download the application and get ready for the next adventure today, on your way back from work.


3. Visit a new city. As statistics says, there are 4416 cities with the population over 150,000 inhabitants, so you will have to travel daily to a new city during 12 years to cover only this number. And what about millions of tiny villages, located somewhere far from the civilization? Nowadays world with its crowded well-known attractions motivates every frequent traveler open more and more territories, not listed in the top 10. It is normal to have your favorite places and come back to explore them again, but every new area will open enjoyable adventure for you with its unforgettable memories. Don’t underestimate beauty of the towns, you hardly find any information in Google. It might be you who discovers something unique in it, something even Barcelona or New York do not have. Definitely, one life is not enough to visit all of them, so our advice to you- start right now!

4. Make new friends. No matter, what is your origin or color of skin, within your trip you will interact with others in multicultural environment, where everyone shares common value- passion to travel. Because of its affordable level of life, annually thousands of foreigners choose Ukraine as their second home in sake of work, study or simply spending money in. Summer and winter are the best seasons to find our country full of diverse nationalities, when plenty of tourists are added to the constant population. Use the big advantage of it and make new acquaintances. It does not only ensure your safe travel to destinations where your new friends are coming from, but also helps you to create and international network of contacts, which you can always use in a suitable situation. Don’t hesitate to open your heart to new cultures and traditions. Then you confidently can say about yourself as an open- minded and tolerant person.

5. Take a solo trip. Often you can hear that it’s impossible to travel alone, because it’s hard to plan everything from A to Z and always stay tuned during the trip. It’s correct, but possibility to visit places alone gives you something more important, than travelling with the group of friends. When you are going for a journey, you are starting an interesting story of your life, where the main character is only you. Freedom and choice are your main rules. Your actions and steps are based only on your personal desires and wishes. You don’t need to shop in the malls, if you prefer to spend free time in the museum; you don’t have to stop in the middle of the walking tour waiting for someone. Maybe, it is quite selfish, but it’s the truth. You are the main manager of your holiday, and whatever happens, you decide, how to spend your day in the next city or where to have today’s lunch.


6. Eat like a local. Pineapples with pepper in Sri Lanka, fried insects in China or even raw blood soup in Vietnam – there are so many weird and even sometimes disgusting meals in the country or region you are travelling to. Ukrainian food maybe is not that extreme as above listed examples, but also not an exception. There are some food mixes which seem unaccepted together with each other. For example, pickles with honey are the best snacks for the typical celebration here, which is perfectly combined with traditional stewed fruit. As well, varenyky, national Ukrainian dumplings which can be stuffed with anything: from typical mashed potatoes, mushrooms, pickled cabbage, to sweet version of it, filled with various seasonal fruits like cherries, strawberries or even blackberries. Every Ukrainian adores it, but you, as a visitor, should only try it. Just always remember the main food- postulate: you don’t need to like cuisine when you are abroad, but you are advised to taste it to feel and understand the country better.

7. Travel responsible. It is quiet contradictory resolution, as the word “responsible” has many meanings depending on the situation. For someone responsible travelling is mainly about satisfying your needs and needs of people you are travelling with. But the crucial part of this term lays on those elements you are connected with during the trip. “Feel like to at home but don’t forget that you are the guest”, – with this phrase Ukrainians usually welcome visitors in their houses. Really, the main meaning can be used for the travelling inside the country as well. When you are entering someone’s kingdom, where the particular rules should be followed, sometimes you should act paying attention at the principles, you would establish on your motherland. Active Ukraine supports a big idea of the world home, where the moral rules of humanity should be maintained and kindly invites to join it.

8. Get in touch with nature. This advice is one of the most important nowadays, as urbanization era tends to decrease natural constituent in the areas of big group of people’s concentration. Parks and squares of the residential areas are not enough; citizens desperately search for the opportunity to get away from the daily routine. Obviously, the number of travelers choosing ecological destinations increases year by year. Do not be an exclusion, don’t follow the trend and spend all the salary to stay in the 5-star hotel during all your vacation. Even there, go out, find the forest, meadow, sea or any kind of untouchable nature. You can jump, scream, run and follow your soul on the nature. Believe me that you will open new sides of your personality. Whenever you are, find a chance to spend it with the mother- nature, take a deep breath and to listen to the sound of silence. Feel the connection and became a part of the bio system, even for a while.

9. Consider different vacation styles. How come you can spend all the day on the beach doing nothing? This kind of questions spring to the mind of every active traveler. Basically, there are 2 main types and vacation styles and you should always consider them while choosing the right place for the holiday, company or period of travel. And it’s totally fine, if your couple doesn’t match you in this. Your main task is to find the golden middle and balance between “you” and “me” if you want to save the relations and make your travel outcome successful. Or go alone for a hiking holiday and send your half to Bahamas!

10. Share your experience with friends and family. And the last but not the least. Don’t forget to spread your experience with those, who are worried for you while you are travelling. Remember, you can change the world, giving your own example. Who knows, but maybe you are the one who will motivate your mates- coach potatoes or your old -fashioned families pack their bags, book a random flight and start their crazy journey next day.

It’s totally up to you to decide which resolutions are less or more important for you or make more or less sense. It’s also normal not to have any. Just stay firm in all your actions and plans, don’t let anyone spoil your long waited trip.

From our side, we, passionate lovers of “Active Ukraine” wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let the following 2018 be full of new discovers and wonders! Remember to make a wish in the last night of the year! Let the miracle happen! Travel responsible with us!



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