10 strange sculptures you can find in Ukraine

You can find a lot of amazing places and things to see in Ukraine. Amazing, but strange too. We’ve made a list of the most strange sculptures and monuments that may add some diversity to your travel. Have a look!

Soccer Ball monument


People in Ukraine are crazy about football. So it’s not surprizing to find a monument dedicated to this game among strange sculptures in one of the big cities. Moreover, famous Ukrainian players came to its opening. This monument has become a meeting spot for local football fans.



Ukrainian cuisine is diverse. You might probably hear about such a traditional dish called galushky. If no, you should definitely come to Poltava to try it, since this region is its motherland. In addition, you can have a look at the sculpture of a giant plate full of galushky.

Mini sculptures


Indeed, Uzhgorod is a beautiful city that attracts tourists. There is way a lot places to see and discover. However, modern artists continue to add more value to its touristic attractions. Now you can find tiny cute sculptures hidden all around the city. Some people come specifically to find them all. Will you succeed to discover the full collection?

hedgehog in the fog


Definitely, one of the most strange sculptures is located in Kyiv, right behind the famous Golden Gates. The original name of the monument is “The Horse”, however, citizens refuse to understand it, they see the beloved character of their childhood – the hedgehog in the fog. Nobody knows the real story of the misnaming. Despite this, people don’t mind and take a lot of care of the sculpture that everybody adores.



This is the first monument in the world dedicated to backpack. A giant human-tall bag, one of the several strange sculptures in Lviv, situates one the backyard of the geographical faculty of Lviv University. According to the author, it symbolizes the unity of people from different countries and generations.

Chimney-sweeper Sculpture


Lviv chimney-sweeper sits on the rooftop of the restaurant called “The House of Legends”. He holds the hat under his arm. If you manage to through a coin into it, your next year has to be full of joy and happiness.



People call him “Uncle Vasya”. The plumber sculpture is cast from 26 old worn out pipes of Cherkassy “Vodokanal”. Moreover, it’s the only one professional sculpture in the city.

Spectator MONUMENT


Odessa is, for sure, amazing city. So one of city museums decided to dedicate one of the strange sculptures to their visitors. Authors say this monument symbolizes a striving to high spiritual values.



This sculpture is dedicated to one of the human vices, which is jealousy. You may notice that it depicts a big fat toad sitting on a man. It’s due to the expression”the toad stranglers” that exists in Ukrainian/Russian, which is used to describe the feeling you have while getting envy of something you wish to own.

The fish that Laughs


While having a walk in Lviv city center don’t forget to visit Virmenska Street. Here you will find a very weird sculpture of the fish. Get closer and you can notice it’s laughing. According to the author, the sculpture should encourage locals and city guests to smile more. Because a sincere smile is so rare these days. In case you come to Lviv in few years, you might not find the fish smiling the same way it did before. The artist redoes the sculpture every 4-5 years.


And what is the most strange monument you’ve ever seen? Share in comments!


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