10 Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

While the whole world is going crazy with the heart-shaped pillows, teddy bears and red roses, we are still trying to catch a glimpse of warm weather amid the insane -20C. Some might argue that the freezing cold can actually lead to cozy romantic dinners, inviting fireplaces, fun snow fights for couples only, and other winter romantic encounters. And while we beg to differ (-20C is only good on TV and for the first 5 days of winter), we could not resist joining the Valentine’s Day frenzy! Enjoy this great selection of most romantic places in Ukraine as voted by Ukrainians themselves (Courtesy of our favorite Inspired portal).

10. The Sculptures Alley in Kyiv

Пейзажна алея у Києві, фото - alexcheban.com

The Sculptures Alley is called the kindest place in the capital, and it’s indeed the case: probably no person ever passed it without a smile. The alley was built in 1980s by the architect Avraam Miletsky. In 2009 it started to grow with the funky additions of contemporary art sculptures. Easily our favorite off-the-beaten track place in Kyiv!

9. The seaside walk of Yalta

Набережна Ялти, фото flickr.com/photos/mr_wood

In those moments when the beach does not remind you of the polar seals colony, what can be better than the warm sand and gentle sea? Yalta’s seaside is a great place for strolls, both during the day and in the evening.

8. Lviv courtyards

Зимовий Львів

Cozy courtyards in Lviv are a perfect hideaway for winter and in summer. If you are looking for a place to get lost in the crowds, or to hide from the busy world and enjoy romance for two only, Lviv courtyards is the place to go.

7. Castle in Kamyanets-Podilsky

Замок у Кам'янці-Подільському, фото haidamac.org.ua

Famous set for many historical movies, Kamyanets-Podilsky is a surprisingly beautiful town in the midst of Western Ukraine. Winding streets, cozy little town square and the impressive castle add up to a great romantic getaway weekend.

6. Shoenborn’s Castle in Carpathians

Замок Карпати

Few tourists pass this former hunting residency of Count Shoenborn. Located in the far corner of Transcarpathia, it currently serves as a SPA center, and at the same time boasts one of the most beautiful parks in Ukraine. Add in the stunning Carpathian landscape around the castle, some good Transcarpathian wine and you are a in for a magical weekend!

5. St. Andrew’s Descent

The street of artists, sculptures and writers, St. Andrew’s Descent has always been the most romantic place for evening strolls in the Upper Kyiv and Podol.

4. Sofiyivka Park

Парк Софіївка

This symbol of eternal love is visited by over 500 thousand tourists yearly! The park is full of exotic trees, fragrant flowers, hidden pathways, and small lakes.

3. Synevyr Lake

Озеро Синевир

This picturesque lake is situated at the altitude of over 1000 m, in the far away corner of Carpathian Mountains. According to the local legend, the lake was formed from the tears of Countess Syn who had the unfortune to fall in love with the simple shepherd against her parents wishes.

2. Rynok Square in Lviv

Площа Ринок у Львові

No doubt, Rynok Square is the heart of Lviv, Ukraine’s most romantic city. Beautiful cobbled streets, inspiring art galleries, delicious coffee at the local coffee shops and the sound of jazz will capture your heart once and for all!

1. The Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love

Our absolute first place winner was this out-of-the-world tree tunnel. Dubbed ‘the tunnel of love’, it’s a part of abandoned railway in the north-western Ukraine. A perfect set for some great photos with your loved one and a long stroll along its rails and, no doubt, the most romantic secluded spot in whole Ukraine!

We thank Inspired for the daily bits of inspiration. What other romantic places would you add in Ukraine? Share in the comments below!


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