10 Festivals Not to Miss in August

Welcome back to summer festivals in Ukraine. This time we will have a peak on what is happening in August. Join us on this little tour and I am sure you will find a festival that you would like to visit.

1. Mlynomanija


Where? near villages Pechera and Sokolets Vinnytsja region
When? 1-2 August
How much?
80 UAH

Mlynomanija is an unusual festival. This is the place for creative people, who love art, music and are interested in reviving Ukrainian traditions. It is free from pop culture and politics. It all takes place on the beautiful banks of river Buh, in the nature made amphitheater surrounded by  wonderful scenery. The festival pursues vital goals such as uniting of the country, bringing art to life, solving some ecological issues, countryside survival, also meeting new people from different parts of Ukraine.

Agenda of the festival offers music concerts of rock bands, singing and reciting near the huge campfire, tours to historic places, work shops, small fair with artisans’ crafts exposed, meeting sunrise etc.

2. Bells of Lemkivshchyna

dzvony lemkiv

When? 1-2 of August
Where? Monastyrsk, Ternopil region
How much? free

Lemkivshchyna is the territory where lemky used to live. Who are those lemky? It is an ethnographic group which used to settle in the west Carpathians between Poland and Slovacia. They have their own dialect and different culture. They are famous for their crafts and many notable Ukrainian people came out from these lands.

This year it is going to be the 16th festival. Whoever participated in previous ones are looking forward to the coming event. Usually there is a big fair with many artisans involved. They exhibit their works ( embroidery, souvenirs, things that we use in everyday life). Also you can enjoy listening to the concert with more than 80 folklore groups performing. Definitely you will get a good portion of positive energy and will stay impressed for a long time.

3.Woodstock Ukraine


When? 7-9 of August
Where? Svirzh, Lviv region
How much? free

This festival is held by charity organization “Heart to Heart”. It is relatively young festival and is known here only for 4 years. It takes its roots from famous Woodstock festival in 1969 and is considered to be one of the biggest in Europe. The slogan of the event is “Peace, Music, Love”. It is devoted to charity and development of volunteering. There will be many surprises for the visitors (and not only musical): workshops, theatrical performances, sign-sessions, tea ceremonies, hatha yoga, tasting of vegetarian dishes, canoe competitions, etc.) The highlight of the music scene will be performances of different rock bands from Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada and so on.

4. Tomato Day

tomatoe day

When? 8-9 of August
Where? Odessa
How much? Free

Tomatoes from Odessa region have always been known for its special delicious taste and variety of sorts. Odessa cuisine uses this vegetable in many dishes. So tomato lovers decided to dedicate a special festival to the “honorable ” veggie.

This culinary festival takes place in the very heart of Odessa on Derybasivska street. Everywhere you will be surrounded by tomatoes. If you go to a bar, you will be served a Bloody Mery or another tomato based cocktail. In the restaurant you will be offered tomato soup, panini, salad, meat …. all with tomatoes))) If it is too much, there will plenty of exciting things to do besides eating tomatoes. At the fair you can taste and buy different sorts of tomatoes. Participate in workshops and learn how to make tomato juice and can it or how to make sweet jam from green tomatoes. Also have fun at various sport  “tomato competitions”.

5. Zahid ( West)


When? 14-16 August
Where? Rodatychi village, Lviv region
How much? 700-800 UAH

It is the biggest open air festival of Ukrainian music in our country for now. The main goal of the festival is to make Ukrainian culture popular, to prove that it can exist not only within our borders but also be well taken by Europeans. Hot mix of your favourite music, beauty of the landscapes of the Charivna Dolyna (“Magic Valley”) recreation complex, friendly and positive energy of people and all this is flavoured with floral honey of sunlight!  No grey concrete boxes and wires over your head for miles and miles around, only genuine smiles and sincere emotion. “We will groove your ears with chords of famous Ukrainian and foreign bands, swing you in dance and tittup, in a word we will take you to the Galician Paradise” – promise organizers of the festival.

6. Tustan


When? 31 of July – 2 of August
Where? near village Urych, Lviv region
How much? 1oo UAH per day or 150 UAH for all 3 days.

Tustan is a mighty fortress that was mounted on the rocks and has no analogues in Europe. Now it is a part of Ukrainian historical preserve.

Tustan festival invites you to travel back to Medieval times, feel the special atmosphere of those days, see the daily routine of the people, visit medieval market with merchants, have a look on how the trade was in the past. If you are willing you can try to learn some craft in a specially designed workshops, you can play old musical instruments, learn how to dance medieval dances. You will definitely forget about present and feel as if you used a time machine.

7. Sorochynskyy fair


When? 18-23 of August
Where? Velyki Sorochyntsi, Poltava region
How much? free

Sorochynskyy fair is the biggest fair in Ukraine. It is held annually since the 19th century. It became tremendously popular after the novel by famous Ukrainian writer Gogol ” Sorochynska Yarmarka” was published. It is a place where entrepreneurs from all over Ukraine ( around 1500) and not only display their goods. One can find everything you want: from food and clothing to pottery and jewelry. Besides, it is a huge feast with theatrical performances and folklore concerts. Usually it is visited by a million people every year. Don’t miss it and be a part of the bright Ukrainian festival.


8. Ancient Medzhybizh


When?  22-24 of August
Where? Medzhybizh village, Khmeljnytskyy region
How much? 350 UAH

Every year in August hundreds of members of reenactment groups from different countries visit the festival “Ancient Medzhybizh”. They put on shining knight armours and encounter in battles and duels, as it was hundreds of years ago. The visitors have the opportunity to shoot with bows and crossbows, visit the artisans fair and watch the smiths, potters and other craftsmen performing their work. Besides, the costume contests, medieval cuisine and street theatre performances are to be experienced, while the evening program offers the concert of folk and medieval music.

For its 10th anniversary, the Festival in 2015 will combine the medieval epoch with the 17th century, dedicating special space to the daily life of that period and the 17th-century battle for the Medzhybizh Fortress (Castle).

9. Jazz Koktebel festival.


When? 23-30 of August
Where? Zatoka, Odessa region
How much? need to be confirmed

This is very large-scale open air jazz festival. Usually it was held in Koktebel at Crimea peninsula, but later it was transferred to Odessa region.
Agenda of the festival looks the following way:
– 23-27 of August – Koktebel Creative Village. You can enjoy unique and cool new jazz projects
– 28-29 of August – Open Stage. It is place for experimental projects and the main highlight of the festival NU JAZZ.
– 23-29 of August – Special Night Stage. It is for the most active visitors with top djs, elektronic live projects and dances till dawn.
– 30 of August – closing day of the festival full of surprises for everyone.

10. Parade of Embroideries.

parad vushuvanok

When? 24 of August
Where? Kiev
How much? Free

This event is dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. Couple thousand of participants are expected to come from different parts of Ukraine. This festival is unique and does not have analogues elsewhere. Every region will represent their own national costumes which are special just for that territory. This year parade of embroideries acquired status of international event. Representatives of any nation can come and present their culture, traditions and folk heritage.

Usually parade marches along central streets of Kiev and ends up with a big concert and fireworks.


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