10 best hotels in Lviv which Active Ukraine recommends

Active Ukraine continues to share its favorite places. This time we moved to the West and made a list of the best hotels in Lviv. This city is known for its hospitality and unbelievable touristic infrastructure. But we managed to choose 10 hotels, from super affordable to extremely luxury ones, where you can spend a good time while exploring the city

Check out the list and share your favorite places to stay in Lviv in comments!

Modern Art Hotel

A hotel is located in the XIXth century building in a very heart of Lviv. Back in years, it was a cinema. Now it’s a good hotel with big and bright rooms and high-level service. However, you can still watch movies and listen to jazz improvisations at the restaurant downstairs. The most extraordinary rooms are situated on the last floor. They have a transparent glass ceiling. Why not make Lviv your “city of stars”?

Room for 2 per night: around 50 USD (breakfast included).

Atlas Deluxe Hotel

Several times this place was recognized as one of the best hotels in Lviv. And it’s not a surprise because everything here helps you take the most from your Lviv vacations. A high-class service, perfect location, and beautiful interior – everything can be found here. For sure, 100% deluxe, as mentioned in its name.

Room for 2 per night: from 120 USD (breakfast included).


Probably, the most romantic one from hotels in Lviv. It’s perfect for a stay for couples and, in addition, has a nice restaurant downstairs for spending a good evening together. It has a comfortable location close to all main city center attractions. A calm and beautiful place with a high-quality service.

Room for 2 per night: from 100 USD (breakfast included).

Lion’s castle Lviv

Who told that good service always costs a lot of money? This place will definitely prove you the opposite. This hotel occupies two small historical building in a park area of Lviv Old City, so all must-visit places are in walking distance. It has nice, spacey and bright rooms with everything needed. Price also includes breakfast, so it might be the best solution in terms of price – quality for staying in Lviv. But hurry up, rooms are usually booked very fast.

Room for 2 per night: from 30 USD (breakfast included).

Lviv Central Jam Hotel

In 10 minutes walk from the main square another fair 3-star hotel finds its place. Jam Hotel opened its doors for tourists quite recently. Rooms are designed in a simple and modern way and include all basic things. Good European quality for a good Ukrainian price. As a bonus, every guest gets a small surprise – a jar of a homemade jam 🙂

Room for 2 per night: from 40 USD (breakfast included).

Danylo Inn

Beauty in simplicity. That’s what the first impression you get from Danylo Inn. A mixture of rough walls together with tender decorations and white furniture gifts this place with a  special charm. A good place to enjoy your stay in Lviv in a picturesque part of its center. In addition, there are a lot of places around to grab a lunch or coffee and have a tasty dinner.

Room for 2 per night: from 50 USD.


Back in times, it was one of the most luxurious hotels in Lviv, today it’s affordable for everyone. However, a hotel building is still a part of a local historical heritage that continues to impress city tourists, locals, and hotel guests. Rooms’ design keeps the spirit of early centuries and gives an opportunity to feel yourself in the era of queens and kings. In addition, they have a beautiful city view due to George’s favorable location.

Room for 2 per night: from 25 USD (breakfast included).

Polska Poduszka

A place with a funny name that is translated as “polish pillow”. Indeed, pillow is not only a sleeping attribute but a part of a whole interior design of the hotel. Polska Poduszka is perfect for those who travel in a big group or with a family because it offers not only rooms for two but rooms for four and apartments. Here you, for sure, will feel just like home.

Room for 2 per night: from 35 USD.

Villa Stanislavskyi Hotel

Elegance and class – these two words can easily describe Stanislavskyi. Its location gives you a chance to have a little privacy and escape for a while from busy parts of Lviv city center. All rooms are designed in classical style with a big use of natural wood.

Room for 2 per night: from 50 USD (breakfast included).


And finally the most famous one, the most luxurious one and probably, the best one among hotels in Lviv. Leopolis has already turned to a city legend. The hotel has often been recognized as the best hotel in Ukraine, so perfect service is guaranteed. It’s located in a very heart of city center, just behind a famous opera theater. Despite this, the area around the hotel is free of tourists and always calm.

Room for 2 per night: from 190 USD (breakfast included).


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